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Attendees learned where they can get funding.  This webinar covered:

  • How to overcome the “Valley of Death” and funding gaps
  • Grants 
  • Family, Friends, and Founders Funds
  • Crowdfunding through micro-equity, micro-debt, and pre-purchases (Kickstarter campaigns)
  • Seed Funding from Investors
  • Debt Financing for equipment, operations,
  • Angel and Venture Capital


Have you ever wondered what sources of funding are out there for your nonprofit or what you could be missing?  This slide deck reviews:

  • What you’ll need to Fundraise
  • Common myths of Fundraising
  • Overlooked sources of Funding
  • Grant funding sources
  • Online fundraising
  • Offline fundraising
  • Days of Giving and Events
  • Corporate Sponsorship and In-Kind Opportunities
  • Sales of Products and Services
  • Partnership Opportunities


Have you ever wondered how to build a simple software application without hiring an outside developer? This presentation covers:

  • A bookings calendar to deal with meetings with Calendly or
  • A Beautifully responsive site using Webflow
  • Ecommerce shop with Shopify or WordPress
  • Facebook Messenger bot for your shop powered by Octane AI
  • Web app using Bubble
  • Mobile app with Thunkable
  • Voice app using Voiceflow
  • Complex web app combining Zapier and Airtable
  • Simple single page website with Carrd
  • Paid newsletter with Substack
  • AR/VR/3D experience in your browser with Scapic
  • Online magazine hosted by Readymag
  • Turn a Google Sheet into a website with Sheet2Site
  • Internal dashboards and tools with Retool
  • Maker communities that you can access

Startup Checklist

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What is the Startup Checklist?

The Oregon Startup Checklist is a centralized, online resource that helps entrepreneurs find help, funding, and tools.  Unlike traditional business books that can be hundreds of pages long, this document is an intense, 20+ page look at what it takes to start and grow a business. Unlike blogs and other online resources, it covers a wide variety of topics all in one place.  It’s updated almost everyday with new links and information.

Where did it come from?

An initial version of this document was drafted by Adam Krynicki in 2010 while living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  At the time, it was about 5 pages long and included a list of common tools for e-commerce companies. Over time, multiple collaborators, students, and colleagues suggested tools, and they were added to the list — which is 20+ pages.


Adam arrived at OSU-Cascades in 2017, and in the Spring of 2018, several OSU-Cascades students edited the startup checklist as part of a Project Management Class to make it more relevant for Oregon-based businesses.  As part of the project, they surveyed local startups, and found that almost every startup had questions or issues with finding “funding.”  

The students used this information to reorganize the checklist and looked up multiple funding sources in Oregon.  Additionally, they quickly added information about:

  • Where can entrepreneurs learn about registering a business in Oregon?
  • Where can an entrepreneur get help?
  • What funding is available for startups?
  • Where can entrepreneurs find more information about hiring employees?
  • What are some regulatory issues that Oregon startups need to address, and where can entrepreneurs find more information about them?
  • Where can entrepreneurs find out more information about taxes?
  • Where can people find information about local events for innovators and entrepreneurs?
  • And many more.

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