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In the past, only a very small group of software engineers  or webmasters  built things on the internet. These ambitious people spent months learning to code before publishing even the most basic website.  Now, anyone can code, build, and automate systems.  We’re seeing a wave of no code tools enter the market, and these tools are allowing us to automate tasks at our jobs, create businesses around software products with minimal effort, develop mobile and web apps, and automate our home lives as well.

On April 6, 2019, we held a workshop to help our community learn about no code applications. We covered:

  • A bookings calendar to deal with meetings with Calendly or YouCanBook.me
  • Beautifully responsive site using Webflow
  • Ecommerce shop with Shopify or WordPress
  • Facebook Messenger bot for your shop powered by Octane AI
  • Web app using Bubble
  • Mobile app with Thunkable
  • Voice app using Voiceflow
  • Complex web app combining Zapier and Airtable
  • Simple single page website with Carrd
  • Paid newsletter with Substack
  • AR/VR/3D experience in your browser with Scapic
  • Online magazine hosted by Readymag
  • Turn a Google Sheet into a website with Sheet2Site
  • Internal dashboards and tools with Retool
  • Maker communities that you can access

Next, we will teach you where to find cheap or free software tools that can help you build what you want. (like Zeroqode, NoCode, and MakerPad and many, many others).

Lastly, we will do an idea sprint to build our own web apps at the session.


This session occurred on Saturday, April 6, 2019 from 9 AM to 12 PM.


The Graduate & Research Center at 650 SW Columbia Street Bend, OR 97702.  


This course was hosted by Adam Krynicki, Executive Director of the Innovation Co-Lab and Teri Hockett of the Technology Association of Oregon