ITERATE is designed to consider a business idea and explore its viability as a concept and potential startup. This four-week program can be as surface-level or as deep-rooted as you choose to make it. You will analyze the viability of your idea during these weeks. If you discover that your company concept is not viable early in the program, then you may decide to pivot to an alternate idea. Our goal is to provide each participant with a set of tools to evaluate their business ideas and concepts for use now and in the future. OSU-Advantage Accelerator has designed this program specifically to encourage participants to communicate, develop relationships with other teams, meet mentors, and give and receive constructive feedback.


Startup teams will leave the course with the following:

  • A determination that they have achieved Problem/Solution Fit
  • A value proposition to test against customers
  • An understanding of the customer discovery process
  • Actual, real-world feedback from customers that can be used for building the right product and pitching to investors
  • Knowledge of their Total Available Market (TAM), Serviceable Available Market (SAM), and Initial Target Market (TM)
  • An understanding of the Business Model Canvas to start developing their business plan
  • Teams will leave the session ready to move forward with their idea

As a result of attending the course, teams will become eligible to apply for the OSU-Advantage Accelerator and related funding sources.


Iterate is a 4 workshop series held every Monday at 5 PM to 7PM beginning on June 24, 2019 and ending on July 15, 2019.  


ITERATE combines online learning modules and weekly in-person meetings into an interactive hybrid workshop. In-person workshops will be held at the Graduate & Research Center  at OSU-Cascades (650 SW Columbia Street Bend, OR 97702).


This course will be hosted by:

  • Adam Krynicki, Executive Director of the Innovation Co-Lab,
  • Karl Mundorff, OSU-Advantage Accelerator
  • Mark Lieberman, OSU-Advantage Accelerator


Due to the sponsorship of Oregon State University and Oregon State University – Cascades, this will be provided at no cost to the participants.